Dec 11, 2022

As I walked through the snowy forest, I spotted a bright European robin perched atop a candy cane. The orangy red of the bird's breast matched the red stripes on the peppermint stick, making for a striking contrast against the white snow.
The robin seemed completely unafraid of me, and even tilted its head to the side as I approached, as if to get a better look at me. I stood still and watched the bird for a few moments, marveling at its beauty and the unexpected sight of it sitting on…

Dec 2, 2022

This year, I had the delightful opportunity to create illustrations of some of Poland's most iconic birds, such as the striking white eagle, the great spotted woodpecker, the hoopoe, the bullfinch, the kingfisher, the robin, the great tit, the peregrine falcon, and the tawny owl.

These wildlife artworks were commissioned for a bird diary, and I am thrilled to share some photos of the final product.

For those who appreciate these beautiful birds and artwork, I have made some…

May 20, 2021

Today, on the World's Endangered Species Day, I’d like to introduce to you my newest wildlife children's book – ‘Remarkable Creatures: a guide to some of Ireland’s disappearing animals’.

This illustrated book will take your child on a journey of discovery, sharing fascinating facts about Ireland’s most endangered species, activities to help your child understand more about the species’ habitats and tips on how to help protect them.


May 14, 2021

Did you know that a pair of barn owls can eat as many as 3,000 rodents a year?

Farmers love them but the farmer’s cats aren’t huge fans of the competition. This is one of the illustrations from my newest wildlife book that will be revealed on 21st of May 2021. I hope you’ll like it! 

May 9, 2021

If you’ve ever wondered what a flying lobster might look like, a thrift clearwing is probably as close as you’ll get. This dapper little creature looks like it’s dressed for a special occasion with black or bronze colouring that gives way to tiny transparent gaps on its forewings, so it looks like it’s wearing lace. How elegant!

Meet a very special thrift clearwing – as featured in my new book that will be revealed on 21st of May 2021. Stay tuned!


Mar 10, 2021

"It was a beautiful summer evening, as I sat by the window, sipping a cup of earl grey, my eyes met with this tiny creature.
Speeding back and forth on a twisted branch of the old oak by my window, it stood still as it caught me looking at it.
Beautiful eyes, peeping curiously from behind the leaves, was this cute little squirrel.
As I waved my hand to say hello, it sprang back into the wilderness, away from my sight."

Found almost everywhere on the globe,…