From Graphic Design to Wildlife Illustration: a journey towards making a difference for our biodiversity

April 16, 2023


As some of you might know, after a long and successful career in graphic design and advertising, I decided to dedicate more of my time to wildlife art and illustration.

This feels like important work in a world where wildlife and biodiversity are under such threat. For me, capturing living things as they go about their day, uninterrupted and unaware of how magical they are, feels like an opportunity to preserve and prolong their life. The artwork allows them to exist long after their purpose has been fulfilled, recognising their crucial role and the feelings they inspire in us. 

I’m drawn to projects with purpose, creating something that’s not just beautiful but useful and informative. Like nature books or large-scale murals that help visitors and locals connect with their community. 

In 2021, I set up a new venture – Natural World Design – to help clients create identities, content and artwork that have a natural twist or purpose. Things like branding, artwork, designs, and marketing for biodiversity-related conferences or other events, illustrations for museums and popular tourist trails, brand logos for businesses selling local produce, and community-based projects that bring the countryside to city centres.

I have had the pleasure of working with County Councils, Heritage Officers, and on my own projects that benefited local communities.

As a sister company of Natural World Design, and also in 2022, I launched Natural World Publishing, and our newest nature-related book for children – 'Wild Wonders, an anthology of short nature stories for children' was published in November 2023. It's a beautiful group project involving ten much-loved, hand-picked writers, and ten best artists/illustrators I could get. 

If you know someone that could benefit from my creations, enthusiasm, and dedication, please share this post with them. I’d welcome any job opportunity that would help me to make a difference and contribute to the organisation’s goal; anything that's nature-related (branding, signage and marketing for ZOOs, nature reserves, natural history museums, etc.), nature books (art direction, illustration, design, marketing), arts (events, workshops), and events’ organisation (branding, signage and marketing).

Many thanks, and please let me know if I can help with your next goal.


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