Drawing workshops for children and adults


I have been running drawing workshops (combined with fun animals facts) for children in various Irish venues,
mostly at book and family festivals, but also in libraries and art centres. 

Depending on the venue, workshops can also include scavenger hunts – kids love them!

Please check my Facebook page for more details, or get in touch to book me for a workshop at your event
(it could even be a birthday party for a young wildlife enthusiast and their friends!)


Drawing workshops with Aga Grandowicz.


As an Events Organiser specialising in art workshops since November 2018, I have had the privilege of sharing my passion for wildlife art with both children and adults. Through my workshops, I aim to provide a personalised and enriching experience that caters to each audience or venue's unique needs and interests.

When planning and organising art workshops, I carefully consider the specific requirements of the participants.

For children, I create engaging and interactive sessions that foster their creativity and imagination. I design age-appropriate activities and projects, ensuring they are both fun and educational. By incorporating games, storytelling, and hands-on art techniques, I strive to make each workshop a memorable and enjoyable experience for young participants.

For adults, I consider the attendees' diverse interests and skill levels. Whether they are beginners looking to explore their artistic abilities or experienced artists seeking to refine their techniques, I tailor the workshop content to meet their needs. I provide step-by-step guidance, demonstrations, and individualised feedback to support their artistic growth and development. I aim to create a supportive and inspiring environment where participants can explore their creativity and expand their artistic horizons.

In addition to customising workshops for specific audiences, I also adapt my approach to suit different venues. Whether it's a community centre, a library, or an outdoor setting, I consider the space and available resources when planning the workshop activities. I ensure that the materials and supplies are appropriate for the venue and that the workshop flows smoothly within the given environment.

Throughout my tenure as an Events Organiser for art workshops, I have received positive feedback from participants and witnessed the joy and satisfaction they experience in creating their artwork.
Seeing young and old individuals discover their artistic abilities and develop a deeper appreciation for wildlife through the workshops I facilitate is very gratifying.